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International Society of Go Studies

Call for Presentations: 2nd ISGS International Conference on Go Studies

/October 6, 2023

Conference Theme: "AI-Powered Strategies and Innovations in Go"

We cordially invite researchers, scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts to submit presentation proposals for the 2nd ISGS International Conference on Go Studies. This conference is dedicated to exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the world of Go. It provides a platform for sharing insights, research findings, and innovative ideas across various facets of AI and Go, spanning from game strategies to ethics, education, and promotion.

Conference Topics:

1. AI-Enhanced Go Strategies and Game Evolution: This category welcomes presentations that delve into how AI has revolutionized strategic thinking, opening theory, endgame knowledge in Go, and its profound impact on the game's rules, formats, and the emergence of new variants.
2. AI in Go Training, Analysis, and Education: Share your expertise on AI-powered training tools and methodologies for players of all levels, AI's role in game analysis, providing insights for players and commentators, and integrating AI and Go into educational curricula.
3. Ethical Considerations: This topic focuses on the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the game of Go. Presentations in this category will explore questions related to fairness, transparency, and the ethical challenges arising from AI's involvement in Go.
4. Human-AI Collaboration: Presentations in this category will highlight successful partnerships between humans and AI in Go, where AI complements human strengths and enhances the overall playing and learning experience.
5. Promoting Go with AI: Share your strategies and initiatives for using AI to promote and spread the game of Go, both locally and globally. Discuss the profound impact AI has on the Go community.
6. Beyond Go: Explore AI's applications in other strategy games, cognitive science, and its broader implications in the field of artificial intelligence.
7. Beyond AI: Presentations on this topic are not related to AI but focus on other aspects of Go, allowing for a broader exploration of the game.
8. Future Directions: Speculate on the future of Go and AI, including potential innovations and research directions that will shape the landscape of this ancient game.

Submission Guidelines

• Presentation Type: We welcome proposals for oral presentations with a duration of 20 minutes for the presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. All presentations must be conducted in English. Due to the short presentation time available, interpretations are not feasible.
• Abstract Submission: Please submit a concise abstract of fewer than 500 words summarizing your proposed presentation by completing the attached form.
• Submission Deadline: All proposals must be submitted by April 1, 2024.
• Notification of Acceptance: Acceptance letters will be sent out by May 1, 2024.
• Presentation Materials: Presentation materials, including PowerPoint slides (not exceeding 20 slides) or written text (up to 10 A4 pages), must be submitted in PDF format by June 21, 2024. These materials will be shared with conference attendees.
• Quality Assurance: Please note that the acceptance of your presentation may be revoked if the quality of the submitted presentation material is deemed insufficient or if it is submitted after the submission deadline.
• Eligibility: Only ISGS members are eligible to present at the conference. We expect every presenter to become members of the ISGS upon receiving the acceptance letters.
• Publication Opportunity: There will be no official conference proceedings; however, we strongly encourage you to consider submitting your paper for publication in our ISGS Journal of Go Studies or any other journal of your choice following the conference.
• Accommodation and Meals: Unlike the 1st ISGS Conference on Go Studies, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide any benefits or cover expenses for presenters. Therefore, we expect presenters to arrange and cover their accommodation and meals.
• Recording and Video Availability: The conference committee, in collaboration with the 2024 EGC organizer committee, might record the conference and make the videos available after the event. If you have concerns or objections regarding this, please inform us.

We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines and look forward to your participation in the conference.

Conference Date and Location:
• Date: 2024-08-07
• Location: Toulouse (France)
• Venue: École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (Venue of the European Go Congress 2024)

Contact Information: For inquiries and proposal submissions, please contact us at intergoconf2024@gmail.com.

Join us at the 2nd ISGS International Conference on AI and Go as we explore the dynamic relationship between artificial intelligence and this ancient game. We look forward to receiving your proposals and welcoming you to this exciting academic gathering, where we collectively envision the future of Go with AI.

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