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International Society of Go Studies

Our Members 8 - Prof. Xu Ying (Member of Board of Directors)

Xu Ying / June 8, 2023

徐莹,中国围棋职业棋手,1985年入段,2001年在贵阳获“山水黔城杯”世界女子围棋锦标赛冠军,升为五段。1997年,2000年,2004年中国女子个人锦标赛冠军。 2005年第三届“正官庄”杯世界团体赛二连胜,并获冠军。


Xu Ying, professional Chinese Go player, became pro in 1985, won the "Shanshui Qiancheng Cup" World Women's Go Championship in Guiyang in 2001, and was promoted to 5p. She won 1997, 2000, 2004 Chinese Women's Individual Championships. In 2005, the 3rd "Zhengguanzhuang" Cup World Team Competition she won two consecutive victories and won the championship.

Bachelor of Law, Peking University. Since 2011, she has been an associate professor at the School of Physical Education of Shenzhen University. She is currently the president of the Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Go Promotion Association and the honorary president of the Hong Kong Go Association.