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International Society of Go Studies

Successful Inaugural International Conference on Go Studies Explores Go in the Era of AI

Daniela Trinks & Kim Chaelim / September 11, 2023

The 1st International Conference on Go Studies, organized by the International Society of Go Studies, was successfully held on August 31st at the Creative Hall, at Myongji University’s Natural Science Campus in Yongin. President Nam Chihyeong warmly welcomed participants from around the world during her opening speech.

Under the theme "Go in the Era of Artificial Intelligence," a total of 10 teams participated in this conference and concluded their presentations. Among the participating teams, nine were international teams, and there was significant interest from abroad in this event.
The presentations included contributions from various international professors and students, including Dr. Quentin Rendu, Theo Barollet, Colin Le Duc (from France), Chen Jinduo (Shanghai, China), Hwang Yann-Jong, Chang Hsiao-Yin, Wu I-Chen (from Taiwan), Prof. Li Zhe (a 6-dan Chinese professional Go player and professor at Wuhan University), Prof. Sun Yuan (a 3-dan Chinese professional Go player and professor at Shanghai International Studies University), Prof. Sun Dechang (a professor at Shanghai Jian Qiao University), Oh Chimin (a graduate of Seoul National University), and Prof. Daniela Trinks, a professor in Myongji University’s Department of Go Studies.

The event also saw discussions from notable figures in the Go community, including Prof. Jeong Soohyun 9p, Honorary Professor Myongji University’s Department of Go Studies, Dr. Kim Dalsoo, former President of the Korean Society for Baduk Studies, Prof. Kim Jinhwan (dean of Myongji’s Department of Go Studies), Vanthanee Namasonthi, Vice-President of the Thai Go Association, Antonius Claasen, President of the German Go Association, Kim Hyanghee, Secretary-General of the Asian Go Federation, Dr. On Sojin (9p, who recently finished his Ph.D. program in Myongji’s Department of Go Studies), Jung Duho (4p, currently writing his Master Thesis in the same department), and Moon Jongho (3p), who all came together to share their insights during the event.

Below you can find the list of video records of the conference presentations, kindly provided by BadukTV.

Furthermore, we'd like to mention that preparations for next year's conference have already begun, with discussions underway about potential venues, such as the EGC in France, to continue advancing Go education and research.

You can find the video of the presentation on YouTube by clicking the title.

- Go Players Should Not Trust Al Win Rate
Dr. Quentin Rendu (Hamburg University of Technology)

- A Statistical Analvsis of Amateur Go Players to Assist:Al-Cheating Detection in Online Go Communities
Theo Barollet (Independent Researcher)
Colin Le Duc (Independent Researcher)

- Research Trends on Go and Artificial Intelligence:
What Can Anthropological Perspectives Contribute to the Existing Discourse?

Oh Chi-Min (Seoul National University)

- Al-Driven Innovations in Taiwan's Go Industry : Opportunities, Challenges, and Global Implications
Chang Hsiao-Yin (Myongji University, Taiwan Go Education and Development Association)

- Analysis of the Knowledge Structure of Go
Li Zhe (Wuhan University)

- Analysis of Solving Life-and-Death Problems on Deep Learning
Shih Chung -Chin (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

- The Changes of Go Knowledge Production in Al Era
Sun Yuan (Shanghai International Studies University)

- The Power of the Surrounding Game:
Weiqi Al in Children's Multi-domain Learning

Sun Dechang (Shanghai Jian Qiao University)

- A Survey on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Go Education
Daniela Trinks (Myongji University)
Oh Chi-Min (Seoul National University)